‘Rip It Up’ by Orange Juice
John Peel, a 303, JG Thirlwell on sax (!) and topical.

‘You Keep Me Hangin’ On’ by The Supremes
This one goes out to @UK_Together

‘I’ll Meet You In Poland Baby.’ by Foetus
Today is the First of September. Courtesy of JG Thirwell

‘You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess’ by Yello
Even Dieter & Boris know you gotta say YES

‘Drama!’ by Erasure
How @geniusjones managed to get the Jesus and Marychain to agree to add their vocals to this is a mystery but it’s all the better for it

‘Age of Urges’ by The Damage Manual
I’ll name that guitarist in one - Geordie’s guitar screams at you from the get go

‘Chernobyl’ by Blanck Mass
Sadly Blanck Mass released this already otherwise it would have been perfect for broadcasting in a forest in darkness

‘Pro>Gen’ by The Shamen
Shamelessly nostalgic (I blame @mylomusic for that) Colin and Will were some of the nicest people I ever met